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    I'm on the last phase of my plans for my CarPC. Audio is set up and waiting to be plugged in, the monitor is going to connect to my cigarette lighter, but the actual computer needs juice. I've got the M10000 and it runs with DVD & 3.5HD on 50W. I'm going to order the Opus 90W (Built-In ITPS).

    Am I missing anything? I don't know how to connect the Opus to the battery, if that's where it's supposed to go. Also, a fuse is needed between the battery and the Opus, correct?

    Any advice is welcome; I can only find bits and pieces of information in this forum. only results in everything but the specific details.

    Other than that, this place has been a great source of information for those just joining this hobby!

    Thank ye!

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    Here is the Opus PSU manual. You should find all the answers there!!


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      Yes you need a fuse - you can wire the main power for the Opus simialr to car amp - decent gauge wire from the battery to the Opus, fused close to the battery with the lowest fuse poss.

      The ground should be wired to a decent ground point as close to the Car PC as possible, with a decent gauge wire. This might invloved drilling a hole for a bolt, or conncting to a bolt in the boot.

      The on/off wire connects to your ACC/ignition on/off wire. This is usally a yellow wire by the key ignition and usually behind your hed unit. To test if it is the right one, use a multimeter to check that the wire carries 12V only when the key is turned. Once you are sure (dont blame me if you break something) you can connect into it easily using a tap-in connector. Adding a 1A fuse on this wire shouldn't hurt either to be on the safe side.

      Don't just tape the Opus wires to the new wires you add- make sure you use proper auto-connectors - good contacts (esp. the ground) are vital
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