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How much power is needed?

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  • How much power is needed?

    Hi there
    In tha fall I will start modifying my car to have in-carpc, I will not be using a seperate display, since the car already has an Alpine CVA-1000R unit that has a nice 5" display - not that big I know, but big enough for me to run my GPS and MP3/DVD at (already running a DVD/MP3 player in the system), previously I have been using a laptop for the GPS but its not that safe to have a loose laptop on the passengerseat.

    My intended system is going to be:
    MSI KT3 Ultra 2 ATX Motherboard
    AMD XP2200 Processor and Fan (not decided yet which)
    512 Megs of PC2700 Ram
    40-80 GB IDE Harddrive
    DVD Rom Drive (might end up be a DVD Writer)
    GPS System running on USB
    Keyboard running on USB
    Trackball Mouse on PS2 port
    Radeon 9200 Graphics Card with TV-Out so I can connect it to one of the AUX ports on my Alpine Headunit

    Now - have found a lot of info on the different powersupplys available, but will an Opus 150W be sufficient or will it strike out??

    Can offcourse run a Invertor, but dont think that is the most optimal solution, my car will be equipped with a dual battery system because of the very highpower amplifier I am putting in so all power that is going to be used in the trunk, Alpine CD Changer, Brain for the unit, amplifier and PC will have a seperate battery.

    At this point one of my biggest worries is actually the added weight :-D - Box to host everything will be made of 10mm MDF board, and hopefully a lexan lid so the installation shows, since there is a couple of months to I start actually building system I can plan it real good, for instance already noticed that I had to reverse the installation from first draft in order to use a TV-Out card, planning is good in these projects or am I wrong?

    But basic question - how much power is needed?


    MSI KT3-Ultra MB
    10/100 3com NIC
    Bluetooth/Nokia 6600/GPRS

    Opus 150 PS
    XP 2200 CPU
    PC2700 256MB RAM
    MSI DVD-Writer DR8-A2
    Barracuda 7200.7 80GB HD
    SB Audigy 2 PCI

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    planning is good, and the opus SHOULD be fine, try to use laptop dvd/hd drives if possible, laptop dvd slim driv ein the front is always nice. Also, you could get away with half that ram, and probably a lesser processor, unless u intend to run a lot of stuff at once.
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