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Start CarPC when engine starts and not when ignition is on

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  • Start CarPC when engine starts and not when ignition is on

    Hello guys,

    I read for a while in this forum and found very usefull informations. Now I started to build my own CarPC. I decided to by an ITPS and a small PW80 for the mini-ITX Boards. I use a ME6000.

    Yes the ITPS does not survive engine cranking. Its a pitty. Even normal operation without a running engine is not possible. I think I have to buy a new battery.

    But my idea is another one. The shutdown controler are normaly connected to the ignition. When ignition is on, after a delay the CarPC is started. In my setup it would be suffitient if the CarPC is only running when the engine is ON. So no need for an OPUS and the ITPS would be enough.

    The idea is to connect the ignition in from the ITPS NOT to ignition, but to a pin which has 12V only and only if the engine is running.

    Has anyone thought about such a setup? Are there any points where I could access a "engine is running" signal within the Car? I have a VW Passat if this information is usefull.

    Kind regards

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    right off the top of my head I would say an oil pressure switch. Most cars already have one to run the fuel pump. The top of my head is lumpy and full of scars and craters
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan


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      how about mount a switch for the power that goes into the computer at the front of the car? Only switch it on if the car is running, and before you turn off the car flick it into off-position and send the comp into hibernate?
      If you forget and accidentaly have it on when the engine shuts off or when you crank the starter, then you'll have to reboot from scratch. Also, if you stall your car, you'll have to reboot.
      But hey those are both human error. Sound like a good set-up?


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        some sort of voltage controlled switch would work, say when yr battery voltage > 13V switch the PC on, it should only turn on when yr alternator is running and therefore when yr engine is running.

        As to where to get one im not sure, u will almost definitely have to make one yrself.
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          Dig around at some of the VW forums... I know in my 98 sunfire, there is a wire coming off of the computer that shows 12v or ground, I forget, when the engine is running. My remote starter had this option as opposed to using the ign coil for RPM sensing. I'm sure that your passat would have a similar wire...