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Opus valet (on and off and on and off...)

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  • Opus valet (on and off and on and off...)

    I live in an apartment with a full service garage in the basement. So, when I drive my car into the garage I turn it off leave it for the attendant. Sometime is takes him a long time to get into the car and park it (I guess enough time for the PC to shut down). Sometimes he is there a few seconds after I turn off the car. How will this affect the on and off functions of the opus if he turns the car back on before it has shutdown? Also if he only has the car on for a minute to park it, how will it boot to a state where it can shutdown. Then, they also move cars back and forth to bring buried cars outside. This part of the opus is a bit hazy to me.
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    Depending on what you set as the timeout for the Opus will depend on what will happen. I'll stick with the default setting, which is 10 seconds.

    The PC is on, and you switch off your ignition. If the car is switched back on in less than 10 seconds, then the shutdown timer will be cancelled, it won't do anything. If it's over 10 seconds, then it will send the shutdown command to the PC. Depending on what you've set the PC to (i've got mine set to Standby, as it uses so little power) will determine how long it takes to shut down. Mine is about 3 seconds at most after this 10 second timeout is reached.

    Then, when the ignition is turned back on, after 5 seconds, it will start up again (with mine, it it playing music within 2 seconds of this event, yours will differ depending on how you shut it down). You switch off the igniton again, and it will shut down again.

    Say you've set it to hibernate, which takes 10 seconds. If you switch off the car, it leaves 10 seconds, then it starts to shut down, but then 5 seconds later the attendant switches on the igition, it will shut down, then start up again as soon as it's gone off. If it then takes another 15 seconds to resume from hibernate, and he turns off the ignition before it's loaded, then the Opus will send another pulse to the motherboard. However, this may or may not set it back to shut down if it hasn't fully finished resuming Windows.

    Maybe your best bet is to put a SPST switch inline with the remote line to the Opus, so that in one setting, it is switched on your ignition, or you can switch it off so that it never comes on with the ignition. When you get out the car to give it to the attendant, flip the switch to "Off", and then it won't ever start up while the attendant is moving the car around, then when you get back in, flip it back to "On", and it will work as normal.

    The other option it to set the timeout to 10 minutes, then it will wait for the igntion to be off for 10 minutes before it will initiate the shutdown. This shouldn't drain the battery too much at all

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      why take so much tension ... connect a switch between the acc and the opus... so when you leave the car for valet hit the switch off so even if the acc is hot or cold wont make a difference... PC safe

      Think about it



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        Here's a possible solution for you. It gives you manual control over startup/shutdown. This shows the ITPS, but you can substitute the Opus here.
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          I'm looking to do something similar(ish)

          using a 1 pole 3 way rotary switch, I intend to connect the opus "trigger" line to :

          1) 12 volt - for always on
          2) Acc - for ignition based startup/shutdown
          3) GND - for always off

          Does anybody know what current the opus "trigger" line draws, so I can select an appropriate switch and fuse ?




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              Actually the new Opuses handle the quick shutdowns (shutdown shortly after it started up) a little bit differantly. Opus has sent out about 10 of these so far (mine was one of these and this is how I know). I am not exactly sure exactly the differances but the new ones are supposed to take care of any problems like what you may encounter. You can tell if you have one of the new ones by looking inbetween the 4 pin and 12 pin connectors on the power supply and there will be a V2 written there. I would suggest calling Opus and ask them about it because I am not exactly sure about what all the new version will do (kris just told me a little about them).
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