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Can a factory alarm command the OPUS to power down?

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  • Can a factory alarm command the OPUS to power down?

    I've got a 1998 Grand Prix GTP with a factory Alarm, without Onstar. I was curious if anyone has any experience with the alarms on these cars? I was wondering if there was a way to use the factory Alarm & keyfob to signal the OPUS on or off?
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    Well, I'm new to the whole carputer thing and don't know the specifics of what you need to trigger the OPUS on and off but I can tell you a bit about your car's factory alarm. Your alarm arms itself off of the lock wire which is a light blue wire in the driver's kick and the alarm disarm wire is orange/black also in the driver's kick. Supposedly it is in a 32 pin plug and is pin# 5. Both of these are negative triggers and probably not high current so I would assume you'll want to use relays to change that signal over to whatever the OPUS needs.


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      Yes, this is possible I did it with my car: Developer (I am Chuck)
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        I have modified the relay setup from god_of_cpu's car to work w/ yours seeing that you have negative trigger locks and his are posi. Sorry if it's copyrighted god_of_cpu. Also, I would recommend getting your 12V+ @ the ignition harness (red or red/white) or if you're ok going through the firewall straight to the battery. Just remember to use a fuse and a DMM to verify wiring.
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          I have been requesting something like this from the people with electronics knowledge over at (they have some G35c stuff there too if you haven't been there) and all I got was responses about how hard/impossible it would be.

          Hopefully the Z is not too different, and I can get something like this to work for me.

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