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What size PSU do I need

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  • What size PSU do I need

    Probably asked a thousand times... But there's the 1001th

    - Via Epia MII 12000 or M10000 depending if I use my pcmcia wifi and cf cardreader for digicam
    - 512MB single DIMM 266MHz
    - W.D. 200GB 7200rpm 8MB buffer HDD (probably a big power draw)
    - Panasonic slot CD-RW/DVD
    - WiFi either my pcmcia card (will probably work only in my garage) or a USB device with antenna (better reception)
    - Royaltek Sapphire GPS (USB)
    - Lilliput screen (USB for touch screen but own power)
    - Wireless keyboard - Not choosen yet (USB probably)

    I might eventually get a good sound card in order to send separate RCA feeds to front, rear and subs amps (5 channels), so I need to consider having power for that card if needed. Or maybe I can send the digital output from the via SPDIF to a module that will separate all signals to send to the amps.

    Also, I read here that the resolution is not widescreen compatible on the epia so a pci video card might be wanted, I need to consider this also (not finished my reading on the subject yet, too much info on this forum;-)

    I think that's all I need powered.

    Will a Opus 90W be enough, do I need the 150W? What about the Audioforge 200W which sells for half the price (100$) of the Opus and has ITPS included?


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    ok, audioforge, which is PW-200 crap.. I don'T want that

    so, 90W or 150W Opus?



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      An OPUS 90 watt should be enough, but I can't garuntee it. If you have the possibility of putting the DVD drive on its own power supply if it is too much then I would get the 90 watt and take off the DVD if it won't boot, otherwise just spend the bit extra and get the 150.

      I'm running an AMD 2000+ with 7200 rpm hard drive, 3D card and a bunch of USB stuff and I'm drawing just a hair over 90 watts when I running at full processor usage. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        Check out , and under the mini-box news menu, there's a power simulator button. Click it, and you'll find your answers.
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          The OPUS 90 watt would work will with your setup.


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            Here is an awesome white paper to use

            Here is an awesome white paper that helps you work out how much power your board will consume.

            It is written mobile 12v application and covers everything for shutdown contoller to hard drive power consumption.