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  • Limit inrush current

    Ok, this is my first post and already I have a nasty problem, I think.

    This is my setup: Epia M9000, 2.5” HD, 150W Opus, J1PS 10.4” touch screen and a GPS receiver.

    This is the problem: although it says on the screen “input 12V 2A” the inrush current at start up must be much higher. In fact it is so high the 12V 5A line from the Opus can not handle it. When I start the computer with the screen connected it will not start.

    To start I have to disconnect the screen from the Opus. As soon as the Epia has done it’s post I reconnect the screen. This will reboot the Epia but I guess because the HD is already spinning the Epia will start. (I know the HD is on the 5V line).

    I disconnected the backlight and the touch screen from the 12V line but this does not change anything. I tried NTC resistors to limit the inrush current without success.

    I asked Kris from Opus if he had a solution and he advised to use a LC filter in the power feed to the screen to smooth the inrush current. I went to a local car audio store but the could not help me with this filter. I know you can design and build such a filter yourself but unfortunately my knowledge of electronics it not sufficient for that.

    Anybody out there can solve this?