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  • I need some common sense...

    Ok im really new to this but i wanna put a carputer into my altima....What do i need? Do i need any different motherboard or processor or what? and also what is a dc-dc power supply? Do i need it or can i just stick a desktop in my car and your an dc-ac convertor to plug it in? Plz i need some suggestions. I know this is probably pretty damn stupid questions but sorry

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    Not only do you need some common sense, but you also need to use the feature of the forum. It is a great way to learn what you need to know to get started with your carputer. Many people here have spent days or even weeks reading the forums before they ever posted a question. You will find that with a little reading you will be able to ask intelligent questions and get answers that mean something to you instead of just more questions.

    Welcome to the forum and have fun with the reading.
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      car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects


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        Really, your question has been ask thousands of times here...Just use the


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          hell, everyone else did it so, here goes, i will help you out and give you the answer to your question,


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            Normal MB/CPU will be fine, Inverter works, DC-DC is better.

            Maybe searching will get you more details

            Some member here has the sig: "There are no stupid questions..." (the rest of his sig you should be able to find with a search, lol)
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