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Carnetix PSU 1260 60W - UK purchasers

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  • Carnetix PSU 1260 60W - UK purchasers

    Hi All

    Specifically to the UK readers, has anyone ordered this PSU from carnetix (works out at 45-50) and had it delivered? It seems much better than an itps, and cheaper than an opus.....

    If so, did you have to pay import tax on it when it arrived? Basically, I really want to order one, but dont want a hefty import tax added to the price when it arrives.

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks indeed guys!

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    If the market is big enough over there, order a slew of them and start your own little side business with a minimal markup


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      to be totally honest, i dont think the market over here is that big. However, import tax would be huge with large orders.


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        anyone from uk reading this?


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          I'm looking at getting one!

          I want one for use with a Travla c134 case, so let me know if you're looking at a group buy.


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            Hi Folks,

            not from the UK but I did get one and have had no problems with it whatsoever. It has worked out really well for me. I'll answer any questions about the PS I can.

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              just ordered one for 54 but I fink his web site got the wrong postage? It was only $13, that can't be right.

              I'll let you know how things turn out.


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                url? is this a psu? or a regulator?



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                  ordered one today aswell, also $13 postage to UK


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                    Originally posted by Pabs
                    anyone from uk reading this?

                    i'm reading this

                    Only just bought an opus 6 days ago

                    Is this PSU intergrated with a shutdown controller as well ? Have you got any links? I have seen threads about this a lot but didn't really care about it then but you seem to be quite satisfied so that made me intersted for a version 3 carputer for my dad's car
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                        We ship USPS airmail to the UK and it generally takes 5-7 days. Typical postage is $10-$14USD depending upon location and options ordered.

                        We'll be shipping your orders early next week as we are on holiday this week.


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                          Woah! thats cheap!!!

                          Do you ship to Australia? And if so, how much? Mini-Box (or whatever) wanted $51USD to ship a PW60 here!!!


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                            I know i will be ordering soon. I will be getting a TC10000 with the PCMCIA and c/flash slots on soon, and this psu will be the perfect partner!
                            Already got the laptop ram for the TC10000, all i need to do is make a box and i will be away! woohoo!


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                              Am I correct when I think you still need a Morex or a PW70 to use this?
                              It's just a regulated 12v supply, right?
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