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  • Need Backup!!!

    Hey, wazup guys, im new on this thing but i got coolest ideas for my carputer, i need a little help whit the power supply, in my country is very hard to find inveters so i dedicated to make a DC-DC conversor, so what a i need if someone cant helpme whit the electronics, i have a Atlhon 2200 XP whit an FX 5200 ready to mount, but how i power up, everything, i have problems whit the amps in the 3.3v , 12v, 5v, of the motherboard... plz help!

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    Take a look at the powersupply section. There are tons of information about the subject.

    There are mainly 3 power solutions for DC-DC.
    - Opus
    - Carnetix
    - PW60/70/80 + ITPS combo

    Please do a on those first.
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