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  • computer power help

    i have
    1 computer ibm pentium(r)pro proces 32mbram that i wone make in car
    1 big power problem
    i research and forum's
    i foundt alot not what i need:
    i wone power ma computer with: dc-dc 12v not:dc-ac 220v
    sfx 12-15 powersupply
    opus (only on atx,micro motherboard that i do not have)
    carnetix (m10000 motherboard that i do not have)
    pw60/70+ittps combo ( atx only i do not have that stuff)
    now what do i have:
    ibm coputer with no info off motherboard
    i foundt powersupply in my comp. thats:
    liteon level 3

    input : ac 200-240v/3.5A 50-60hz

    output: dc 120w max
    +5v /20A +12v /8A
    -5v /0.5A -12v /0.5A
    +3.3v/20A +5sb /0.72A
    whit cabels are:
    round and squire hollo pins
    p1 p2 p4 p10 p11

    wonne replace this with dc-dc 12v
    wone that vits in my pc
    pleas help

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    Arise Computer has some nice AT 12V DC-DC PSU's like this one .