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    Ok right now I have a basic setup, no head unit, epia m10000, morex case and psu and a carnetix. I get everything run and check it twice and when I turn on the system the ACPI doesn't turn my computer on. I checked with a volt meter and no juice is flowing. I can disconnect the ACPI and put the case power switch back in and it works fine but with the ACPI I get nothing. I made sure the green wire is on pin 6 and the black on pin 8. When power is applied with the ACPI connectors on the case fan will move slightly as if its getting juice but then cuts off...anyone have any suggestions? As I said the carnetix works fine with the case power switch hooked up I can power the system and it turns my amp on when it should but fails to turn on the computer. any suggestions?
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    Based on your question about speaker pop, I assume you got the ACPI working?