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  • Question about Opus

    Ok so i wanna start my carpc project. My question is how hard is it to connect an Opus?I have no electrical experience whatsoever.I have a 2005 Nissan Altima. can anyhow give me anyfeedback(tips, how tos, etc) Ive searched and it seems pretty easy but connecting it to the ignition seems kind of hard. Thanx in advance

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    The Opus has 3 leads - you connect the +12V and Ground wires to the battery (suitably fused of course) and the Ignition wire to any convenient point which goes +12V whenever the key is in the Acc or Run positions. I tapped one of the wires to my headunit for this purpose.

    This is of course one way of wiring the Opus. Some people put a switch in series with the Ignition wire so that they can control whether the carPC turns on automatically (with the Ignition) or not.

    A quick search will throw up several wiring diagrams that may help.