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    Hey guys! As you can tell I am new to the site. I searched (maybe not good enough) and was not able to find the question to my following question.

    I will be getting an OPUS 150W and was just wondering if its possible for me to pull the power for my opus from a "Distribution Block" that is also being used to power my amp? I am currently running a 4gauge wire to the back of my car where the distribution block is (with an inline fuse)...what gauge wire should I use to connect from the distribution block to the OPUS. Also can I ground the opus to the same ground being used for my amp and my last question is, do I HAVE TO put an inline fuse between my ACC Power source into my OPUS?

    Thank you for all ure help!

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    Yes a distribution block will work fine. The Opus manual calls for 12G or larger wiring. I use 10G from my distribution block. Yes you can ground the Opus at the same spot as your amp. No fuse is needed on the ACC -- assuming it's already fused and you maintained the same wire size throughout the circuit.
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      Thank you for your help...

      When you say that I have to use the same wire size trought the circuit..u mean the same wire size for ever connection I made to the OPUS ( 12V Red, ground and ACC)???

      I will more than likely tap into the ACC cable on the factory harness for the Ignition. Is this ok? Should I tap into my fuse box better??

      Again thank you for ure helP!


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        I think he just means use the same size wire to run from the ACC line to the Opus as the part of the ACC wire that's already in the car...or, don't make it smaller

        If the ACC wire can handle X current and is fused at X, but you instead use a smaller wire that can't handle the full fuse load, the fuse doesn't do you much good. The trick is to prevent your wires from catching fire in case of a short circuit, and to do that the maximum fuse load has to be less than the amount of load that the wire can handle.


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          @GW: Correct, that's what I was trying to say.
          2004 4runner


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            Thank you guys! I get it now!

            I will hopefully have my system done within a month or so. I have a scion Xb and will be mounting the Liliput right on my center console (2din). The center console has a "cuby hole" right underneath the 2din opening and that is where I will place my HU. Underneath that there is a panel where I have a couple of switches (Fog Lights & Interior Cold Cathode Lighting) which will be removed from there and in its place I will put a DVD/CD-R slim unit.

            I will post pics of the progress once everything is done! Thank you for your help!

            PS: I am using an old full ATX board...will I be able to use the 150W Opus to power this baby up..I think the answer is yes...and also once I upgrade I think I will going with a Mini-Itx Board...will the OPUS be an overkill for this?



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              what processor you going to be running on the motherboard?


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                I think its a socket 370 Celeron 600Mhz or somenthing...I cant really remember...its coming from an old Dell optiplex. It has 256RAM, a maxtor 40 gig 7200RPM, with a HP Slimline DVD/CD-R....I am assuming the OPUS will be more than enough to power this...hopefully...

                My future plans are probably a Via10K with a 40 GIG laptop drive, same slimline and maybe a couple of USB hubs.....

                Thanks for your help!


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                  The Opus should be fine with that hardware
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                    ps celerons use less power than the pentium series, but they runner hotter too. they're also inferior for fps purposes i.e. most media should be fine


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                      So then do you think I should get somenthing else? I might be able to get my hands on a P4 2.4GZ as well...would that be better for DVD playback, Navigation and MP3???

                      Also on that celeron I will have to add a video card because the stock viedo card is pretty crappy...any suggestions...again i want it to play DVD's and GPS navi...Thank you for your help...


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                        i've never used a 600 celeron, but personaly i wouldnt recommend it, a p3 1ghz would be perfect. if you've got a agp slot, look on they carry some of the older radeon video cards (7000 series, n such) pretty cheap.
                        As far as choosing a Proccesor,

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