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Opus 90 wiring supplied

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  • Opus 90 wiring supplied

    Can I connect a heavier gauge wire to the already wired Opus 90 that I purchased.A Red,Black and Blue wire is prewired into the connector and rather that dismantle the plug I intend to connect a heavier gauge wire to all points except the ACC Blue Wire.Will a change in fuse rating become an issue

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    You can but it won't make much of a difference for such a short wire run. It would be sufficient if you just ran the 8 gauge right up to the "pigtail" connector supplied with the OPUS.

    One of the reasons to use a thick wire is so that you don't get voltage drop over a long wire run and also so that it can supply a lot of current during low voltage conditions such as an engine crank. It won't change the fuse rating.