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Regulating the PW120

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  • Regulating the PW120

    People might want to first read these two threads..

    I found this information when I was searching for the Supervisor chip TPS 3510:

    The information provided here is DIFFERENT than what we have thought initially. In the link, it suggests just to cut off a trace from the 12V line to the D3 transistor which feeds the VDD of the TPS3510 chip. That is, just cut the 12V off, no need to apply a PT5071 to first regulate the 12V before it goes into the PT5071.

    In the article, it suggests doing this so that it can run 9.5V to 16V.

    Cutting off this, from my understanding, would supply unregulated 12V into the motherboard without protection. This would severely reduce the claimed wattage of the PW120 which was 200W.

    Should a PT5071 be placed to regulate the 12V? Or should this simple mod be executed without the need of the PT5071?
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    Specs for pw-120/200, show that psu can feed about 56W to lower voltages (3.3, 5, -12) and pass 144W(12A) to 12V unregulated. So you lose 144W of the "promised" output. (if your components need regulated 12V)

    If your motherboard doesn't mind that 12V isn't really 12V(like they claim in link), and you don't have other components that need regulated 12V, then PT5071 should not be needed. And If you use PT5071, which will feed max 1,5A regulated, you have about 70W psu...

    So, you can't have 200W psu, unless you can make that 12A of regulated 12V.


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      Exactly....limit the supposed 200W....or fry your m/b and/or HDD. Choices....choices.....
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        I feared that answer.

        Oh well, I guess its only usable @ 200W when plugged into a wall supply.

        Thanks though =)
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          This POS does not even regulate the 12V, it just passes it through, as if you connected your mobo 12v directly to the battery!!!!
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            can' just run two PT5071's in parellel to handle more amps could you? It seems very odd that they would make a psu that dosnt regulate the 12v line. Also an idea if the itps is enough to power the m1000, 3.5" hard drive, 5.25 dvd drive, usb blue tooth, and a usb 802.11g adaptor?