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Opus shutting down when car is off

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  • Opus shutting down when car is off

    Ok when car is runnign fine Opus 90W runs fine, when is shut the car off and stay in acc mode it shuts it down usually withing 1-5 minutes. Guessing it has to to with to much draw from the car as I just keep adding things goign to look closer at it this weekend hopefully and remove the inverter that powers a usb hub an run 5v from ps and hopefully that was the issue. But anyone else have this issue at all? Can't be shutting down due to low voltage as its shortly after car turns off.
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    When you turn your car off, do you have battery voltage on the IGN lead?

    If yes check the voltages. Opus as everyone knows has a low voltage shutdown at 10.6V (voltage not equal to the one on the wire, because its mesured on the end of the power supply)

    Possibly you have an old battery, and as soon as your alternator is off the voltage drops.
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