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How to change OPUS shutdown voltage..

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  • How to change OPUS shutdown voltage..

    Before you ask, I did search, but without luck.

    I believe someone has posted about this before.

    Can anyone point me to the thread, or tell me if it is possible to change the OPUS 150w shutdown voltage?

    10.6V just won't start my car....

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    why dont you just ask the people who make it?


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      I did, but I'm still waiting for a response....


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        It should be pretty simple to do, try this out

        get a zener diode that drops the voltage to the opus by about a volt or so, you may need to buy a few (cents) and test until you get one that makes the opus see less voltage than the car is giving out.

        So if the opus is seeing 10.6V and shutting off at a real voltage of 10.6 you need the opus to see 10.6 when the voltage is in fact 11.5, you will need to dig around in the circuitry to find the circuit responsible for voltage based shutdown and literally interupt the current flow on the circuit board and insert the zener in their. You need to interrupt only the voltage sensing circuit, just by inserting a zener in the main feed line will also create odd problems, like not enough voltage to work your drives etc

        But you will toss your warranty etc by doing this, unless Kris or someone has a better method.
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          The problem is more likely to be an amperage problem than a voltage issue. You should try a Deep Cycle battery like the Optima Yellow Top. It's not cheap, but it will work wonders for your setup and keep your warranty on the OPUS.

          You should also try cleaning your battery terminals of any corrosion and check your battery ground points for rust.
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