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Powering up normal ATX PSU

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  • Powering up normal ATX PSU

    I need to install 2 lcd monitors and a portable dvd player in my wife's car and decided to hook them all up to a normal ATX PSU with molex connectors since they all work off 12v. I figured I could then plug the PSU into an inverter and hook the inverter into a switched 12v source in the car.

    When I tried the setup with the PSU plugged into an A/C outlet in the house, the PSU wouldn't power up. After trying a few PSU's and determining that they were all functional, I figured out that I coudn't get any PSU powered up without it being connected to a motherboard.

    My question is, how do you get a PSU to turn on without it being connected to a motherboard/computer?


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    Are you sure that's the way you want to go? it seems like a lot of work for no reason. if it's a portable DVD shouldn't it run off your car 12v system? Same for the monitors. What you might need is a regulator to get a constent 12v but if these are made for automobile use you probably don't even need that.


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      theres 2 wires on the psu that you bridge to get it to power up w/o a mobo

      i remeber seeing a tutorial for running dual ATX powersupplies in a computer a while back.

      i dont know which wores though, sorry


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        Just jump pins 13 and 14, see the page I linked to.
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          Short pin 14 to ground (pin 13).
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