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  • Because I'm lazy

    I'm sure this is explained somewhere, but I have a 5 pg paper due monday and 30 lines of greek to translate among other wonderful collegiate work to finish, so I'm being lazy and not researching it on the forum. I am building a CarPC (lilliput in dash, boss dvd 5000b, 450mhz amd k-6 2) I am going to be using an inverter for power. My question is: What can I do for an option to give me power for hibernation time once I shut off my car, or is there a 120v something that I can hook up to make it auto hibernate once the battery power is cut.

    Thanks for the help
    John MEche

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    OH...also...I plan on running my inverter's power cord from the trunk to the battery. In order to power my computer on, I want to put a rockerswitch in my dash that the inverter's power cord will run through. Can a normal car rocker switch handle that? is there anything I should be concerned about by doing it this way?

    Thanks again
    John Meche


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      Sure, you could use a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), specifically one with a serial connection that tells the computer when power was interrupted. Then, you either use the software that comes with the UPS or write your own to initiate the hibernation.
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        so I'm being lazy and not researching it on the forum
        Your college work is pretty weak compared to my every day job, and I take time to search the forums before I ask questions.

        I hope that no one else answers this until you decide to be unlazy.


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          That's fine. I'm sure i can find more and more detailed info simply by searching. My problem is that I don't know what keywords to use. 'Hibernate' and 'power suply' aren't going to help me much as I have seen. At least throw me a bone here on what it is I'm looking for.

          Much appreciated
          John Meche


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            search - hardwiring an inverter

            I use an amp wiring kit. Battery -> indash on/off switch -> fused distributer block -> inverter (w/ a fuse) -> carputer.

            I don't have an shutdown controller solution yet, don't really care cause I only use my car every week or so. I remember hit the switch before I leave my car.

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              after a little bit of searching

              ok. I looked around and see a little bit of what I'd like to do. I just have some questions and maybe someone can impart some wisdom upon me. I want to go from the battery to a toggleswitch (dash mounted) to my inverter. I will leave the PC's power (mechanical pushbutton switch) on, so that I can hibernate then flip the switch (to cut power to the inverterter and hence the pc). When I flip my switch again that should bring my pc out of hibernation (?) Will this work or should I power my inverter with my head unit and run my PC's power switch to a dash mounted toggle?


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                In my car I have a toggle switch attached to the computer's power button. I have my inverter running to the back of the car. I just leave it on all the time (it has built in protection against over drawing the battery). Then when I want to turn on the machine, I just hit the button up front in my car.

                I don't see a need to put the inverter on a switch in front of the car. Why not just leave it on? If you have a good inverter you should have no problem, and as long as your machine isn't turned on - it won't draw enough power to be a concern.

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                  I would just wire the inverter like you want with a rocker switch on the dash (use a large switch, as many amps as you can find; I found a 50a switch at autozone, and it works nicely). I do not advocate running the inverter all the time in your will kill the battery unless you drive often...may not even go through the night. UPS looks like a good idea, havent thought of that only concern would be how it works off the inverter...just food for thought.


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                    new idea

                    How about this? I can wire my inverter to my accessory chain (leaving the inverter on), and run my PC switch up to the front. So I can turn my car on...then flip my power switch and turn the pc on. The only problem I see with this is that I will be running the inverter (and hence the PC) off of my accessory. Any comments on this? Oh, one more question. If I wire my inverter into my head unit's amp control (don't have an amp), will the head unit be supplying power or will it supply a signal to turn on the inverter? (in that case I could run off of my battery and use my head unit to turn the inverter on)


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                      IMHO both of those are kinda risky...thats a good bit of current you'll be pushing through those wires...look at it this should probably be using at least 8gauge wire for the power to the inverter...look at some 8ga wire, then at your acc be the judge


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                        hmm...maybe I'm just looking at moving both switches (the litteral power switches or control thereof) to my dashboard. I'm really not looking to buy an Opus for a (nearly) free 450mhz machine. I may just be able to leave the computer's switch on, and move the inverter's power switch up to the front, while running 8 guage wire from my battery straight to the inverter


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                          good idea...sounds familiar


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                            Since you know my situation (that the bios is on the fritz) does win2000 allow hibernation?


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                              Yes. You can even configure it to hibernate when the power switch is hit. You'd just tap a momentary switch that's hooked to the power leads for the mobo, and it would hibernate. You could probably even use a shutdown controller to do the same thing toggled off the ignition. That wouldn't turn off your inverter, but it might do what you want.
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