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Circuit Diagram for simple DC2DC Adaptor

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  • Circuit Diagram for simple DC2DC Adaptor

    Hi, I've stumbled onto these forums in my research into In-Car PCs. I know you guys are pretty knowledgable on PSU's so here's my question:

    I need to make an adaptor that will put out a regulated 12V at around 1.5A. Reason being is I am trying to power an LCD monitor that has a 12V 13W requirement. I don't want it to switch off when the power drops below 12V, so I'm guessing I'll need some sort of capacitor etc.

    I've been able to find circuits that allow 60W etc, but none that's low power. I've looked around in the shops and the regulated power supplies are all either too powerful for my needs (and therefore too expensive) or have an output that's not enough (800mA most of them were). Any ideas guys?

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    two 800ma in parallel ?
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      haha 1.6A possibly, but I couldn't find any 800mA adaptors that were also regulated.


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        Have you thought about running 12V off the Car PC psu, which should already be regualted depending on your setup?
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          Check Mastero/Sprogy power supply thread and get a 12V section from there. It capable of 5A.
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            I use a PT5071 integrated switching regulator to get 12v at 1.5A. Very easy to use, very efficient, copes with a wide input range, and includes a switch on/off pin. There have been a few circuits posted that use the PT5071, including my current power supply (see my webpage).
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              I love the pt5071
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                How about one of these:

                I'm going to need one for my screen too along with a [email protected] regulator for my external DVD and usb2.0 hub. Instead of the LM317, I might build them myself with the LM350 or LM1084 which is rated for 3A and 5A.