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Opus not powering on VGA/Sound

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  • Opus not powering on VGA/Sound

    Just after installing my opus today and I'm having a rather weird problem. Its the shuttle version of the opus and is inside a sk43g shuttle. When the opus turns the shuttle on its not starting up properly as its not giving a signal to the monitor and isnt giving out any sound (therefore it cant be booting into windows). I know each component works as I've tested the shuttle on its dc supply and the monitor and amps etc are fine.

    The opus is wired straight to the battery and the ignition feed is wired to the same one as the amp which turns on perfectly. The opus is turning the pc and you can even hear the drives starting up. Turning the ignition starts the opus but turning it off does nothing (assuming this is because its not booting properly). Ive also tried turning the pc on using the standard buttons but this does the same thing.

    The strange thing is I did have all this stuff working at one point, then I closed it all down and went for dinner. I returned to find my battery was flat so I recharged it using a charger. I dont know whats happened between times as all i've did was move the shuttle about.

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    Check the connections... Specially the power to the motherboard, both the 20pin and the 4pin connectors... Make sure their secure...
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