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Inverter options in a motorhome

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  • Inverter options in a motorhome

    Hi all,
    I'm building my second carputer and this ones for my motorhome =P I plan to put a full desktop in there since there is plenty of room for equipment. I wanted to know my options for powering the system. Planning to run a 7" touchscreen in the front cab and a 17" LCD screen in back for TV/DVD viewing. I have a dedicated deep cycle coach battery and plan to use this as the main source of power. I will not have access to 120VAC unless I crank up the generator... which I don't plan to do. So would a 300 watt inverter work? I plan to feed 12vdc power to the 7" and 17" from the case PS, or should I run those from the 12v coach battery? Which power is cleaner? Would like to turn on everything with one switch. What's my options there? Can't leave the inverter on cause it will drain the battery. Thanks all for your suggestions.

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    300.... stay away from... you can get a 600 - 1000 watt pretty cheap $100-$150. It could also power other things as well.

    This way there is not a load on the inverter.

    OR just use a 12V to 12V inplace of the 110 to 12V in the case with NO inverter


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      Sounds like you'll be running a similar setup to mine. I will have a Xenarc display up front with a 22" Samsung LCD in the back. The system is being powered with a DC-DC converter but unfortunately the rear LCD has a standard 110v power in plug. That means I'll have to run an inverter to power it.

      I've been looking at camper solutions that have the entire power distribution. It has an inverter built in for when you're not plugged into shore power (or a generator) plus a DC charger for when you are plugged in. The problem is that it costs $500+. My motorhome has a charger that works well so I can't see the point of spending that much money on something I can do with a $100 inverter.

      The problem is wiring. If I run an inverter how am I going to switch between it and shore power? I was looking at power transfer switches for generators but they cost way too much and really don't do what I want. The other option is to hookup the inverter to only power one outlet instead of the entire camper. It will be ineffecent to run the inverter while plugged into shore power but it may be the cheapest solution.
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