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Powering a datalux screen from atx psu

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  • Powering a datalux screen from atx psu

    Hi I have a datalux 10.5 lcd touchscreen i just picked up off of ebay. I was wondering if you had any input on powering it. it takes a 12volt 3amp adaptor. What i had in mind was i got an idea of powering it off of one of my 4 pin psu cords (like the kind that goes to the hd). I wanted to pick that because it will not spike when i start the car and keep it running at a constant 12 volts. My question is to make the adaptor running from my computer to the screen is going to be about 10 feet. should i put a 5 amp fuse in there just in case and should i put anything with the power cords wrapping around it so it does not leave much interferance and what gauge wire should I use? I am new that this so please bare with me and thanks again for helping

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    I have mine hooked to my Datalux. Are you sure its 3amps, mine is only 1A

    I just bought a HD power extension cable, cut one of the ends off it, used yellow (12V) and black (gnd) that I extended the wires and used a DC power plug that I got from radio shack.

    Center pin is +

    You can use 14-16 gauge since its not much current. The fuse probably isnt necessary but certainly wouldnt hurt.
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