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temporary carpc, will this power setup work?

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  • temporary carpc, will this power setup work?

    basically, i'm using a laptop i have lying around as my temporary carpc until i build one. I'll be using an 8'' lilliput with it.

    For power i'm going to use this adapter i got that plugs into my cig lighter and splits the connection so i can use both an AC source and a DC source (and also acts as a half-assed surge protector)

    I plan to use the AC portion of the splitter to power the laptop, and the DC portion to power the lilliput.

    Few questions i have about this are:

    1. will this be safe for my cars battery? I know my headunit turns off temporarily when the ignition starts, but does the cig lighter?

    2. By doing it this way, i know i'll have to manually turn on my laptop everytime i want to use the carpc.......anyway i can somehow get the laptop to turn on by itself with this setup?

    here's the product:

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    depending on your laptops power supply and that products ability to produce a clean AC curve, yr laptop should work fine, although i would say try to find a laptop DC-DC converter, they are more efficient and will probably work better.

    As for getting the laptop to turn on, there is a lot of information on this board, shutdown controllers that use the parallel port can be used to turn it off, as for turning it on, if the bios doesnt have a boot on AC power feature u may need to do some soldering to the power button connecting it to an ITPS or shutdown controller of yr choice (or relay with the ACC line).

    HTH, no1knows.
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