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Hook OPUS into already installed amp ?

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  • Hook OPUS into already installed amp ?

    I'm looking to get an OPUS 150W for my car setup and the PC is going to be placed right next to my 600W amp i already have installed.

    I'm wondering if I will have any problems if I just hook the OPUS into the Amplifier where i already have 12V, ground, and remote wire.

    comments ?

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    Wouldn't recommed that. Depending on how heavy the amp is playing it will pull more or less power. With that said you want to Opus to get a clean line of input.

    I believe opus documentation discourages this as well.


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      how big is the line coming from the battery and how big is the amp in RMS?

      This shouldn't be much of a problem at all though I would go with a distrobution block instead of tapping right at the amp.


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        the amp is 600W RMS Class D

        **** i forgot what gauge the wire is, i think i used 8-gauge

        but it's looking like im gonna have to use and inverter for the time being

        i depleted my funds in splurging for the Xenarc over a Lilliput