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    I am putting my Opus powered PC in my truck, and have already run power to an amp under the passenger seat. I hear that I can use this for the opus too, as long as I use a "distribution block". Is this what people are referring to? The top is before, the bottom after:

    My question is, what is a distribution block. Is it just a splitter? Is there something special that I need from radio shack to pull this off?

    Also, I have the fuse that came with the amp wiring kit near the battery... do I need any others to protect the opus?

    Any help would be great. Thx in advance.

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    A distrobution block is just that. A splitter. You can get them at any autoparts store, usually for less than $10. Usually all they are is a big hunk of brass, with holes drilled in them, and a case around them.

    You should also have a fuse before the OPUS. I don't have one, so I don't know the rating, but you should even have a fuse closer to the amp too. I have one at the battery, really hefty one like 100 amps, and then back in the trunk before all my devices I have a fuse block that I use as a distrobution block.
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      Pretty much just a splitter. Looks like a big block of metal (or two blocks separated by fuses) with a large guage "INPUT" hole and 2 - 4 smaller "OUTPUT" holes. I would get the ones that have fuses. You can get them at any car audio shop.
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        As far as the fuse issue, you dont need another one before the opus. The fuse by your battery will blow if ANY part of that wire shorts. So, if your amp shorts, it will cut power to the opus, and vice versa. You can put a fuse between your distribution block and the Opus, so if the Opus shorts, the amp will still have power. My 90watt Opus has a 10amp fuse onboard, so i wouldn't go much higher than that(if you have the 90watt)
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          I wouldn't put in a full blown dist block just for the ignition wires. Use a simple little block like the ones to connect a lamp in your house (I don't know what it is called in english).

          You won't pull a lot of current through that one.
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            Thanks for the response. Exactly what I needed to know.