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Powering an M-series M 3000 (56k)

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  • Powering an M-series M 3000 (56k)

    im on the virge of purchasing one of these:
    power info as follows:

    Line voltage 110V AC (100V to 130V AV) ~ 230V AC (180V to 260V AC)
    Frequency 47 to 63Hz, single phase
    Power in DC 18v/3A
    Max Power 54W

    the fella who is selling it assures me that i can run it in the car with a
    standard universal Laptop Charger.

    He gave me a link to this:

    he goes on to explain that the M-series behaves exactly like a laptop.

    can you guys assure me that i can use this combination.

    id really appreciate any help.


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    I recommend this pc. Since this computer takes dc 18v, you don't need to purchase an expensive external dc power supply. Get a laptop car charger and it might even survive the crank. I have HP e-pc(just like this computer but little bigger and cheaper) and couldn't be happier. For the price of Opus, I was able to buy the whole pc plus $25 car adaptor being able to survive the crank. Down side is limited expendability.