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Honda hybrid cars, no tank circuit needed.

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  • Honda hybrid cars, no tank circuit needed.

    This is just a FYI for everyone. If anyone is planning on putting a carputer into a Honda hybrid (not sure about the other hybrids) car there is no need for a tank circuit. The way the Hondas' work is they have the IMA battery pack (120 D-cells, YES, D-cells in series, 144v) that supplies power to the cars electrical system via a dc-dc converter, there is no alternator. The car uses the IMA motor (integral part if the flywheel) to start the car, this motor runs off the 144volt battery pack and also uses this motor/alternator to charge the battery pack. It does have a normal 12v battery that the car uses when the car is not running to supply power for the 12v systems. Although the car does have a back-up 12v starter, this is used in the event the IMA system fails or in extremely cold weather,atleast less than 10 F. The output of the cars dc-dc converter while the car is running is 13.7v. I have a Honda Insight if anyone has any other questions about it. IMA = Integral Motor Assist

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    Yeah with Hybrid, you already have a freaking big tank circuit.
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