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Noob Opus wiring question..

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  • Noob Opus wiring question..

    Noob question but have to ask it.. how much of a difference will it make if I wire my opus with 10AWG wire.. as opposed to the 12AWG wire specified in the opus installation manual? Would this diff in wire cause a problem of sorts?

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    mine is (was) wired with 4g, well 4g to the boot, using a lower gauge is fine, its using a higher gauge thats a problem
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      This link should give you an idea of what guage you want depending on how many amps you want to draw.

      Just google for: wire gauge amperage table


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        hmm.. then I dont understand it.. cause everythin was working fine for me with an identically rated power supply 150W both at home and in car.. but when I connect the puter up in the car it starts up fine but when it is supposed to go into standby the mobo freezes up and the warning light on the mobo comes on.. so I have to remove my bezel and disconnect and reconnect the ATX power cable from the mobo. the only thing I can think of is that the opus is faulty or the wiring!!?? ahhh this is driving me crazyy... any ideas?