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how much wattage?

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  • how much wattage?

    can anyone give me an idea what wattage ps i should be lookin at for this setup? -

    MicroATX board
    AMD Duron 1.6ghz applebred core, 1.5v cpu
    1x128mb pc2100 ram
    30gb, 5400 rpm 2.5" HD
    DVD drive, standard or slim/laptop style, havent decided
    PCI sound card, PCI wireless card, 1 or 2 USB devices

    do you guys usually run your display off the dc-dc ps too?
    is it worth it to buy a laptop/slim dvd drive over a regular one?

    im kinda guessing from my pc building experience, 150-200w should be good.

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    Will you newbies stop asking these wattage questions before searching? If you had bothered to search, you should have found these links for yourself. Anyway, here are some links so you can figure it out yourself.

    As for the display, no we don't run them off the DC-DC. They run off the 12V from the car unless you use a PC LCD, then they usually run off an inverter.

    If you are going to use a DC-DC PS, then yes, it is worth it to use the slim dvd, as they draw less current.

    14" LCD, EPIA MII-10000, 256MB, Wireless LAN, GPS, CDRW/DVD, ELM Scan,
    200wRMS inverter (for the screen), CarPC Pro v2.4 Power Controller,
    2 12" Pioneer Premiers, Sony 6x9s, Sony Xplode Class D mono block, Pheonix Gold A/B amp for highs