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How to wire in External DVD drive and Screen

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  • How to wire in External DVD drive and Screen

    Hey guys,

    I just got off the phone with Opus and they said that if my case is going to be in the trunk and I am using a external dvd-rom/cd drive that is in my dash, and my touch screen, I might lose some power in running the wiring from my trunk to my dash. So I was wondering how you guys overcame this problem? Thanks guys.

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    Bigger gauge wires?


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      Power the drive with an independent regulated power supply. Not sure what kind of voltage(s) your drive asks for but if only 5V, visit this site: .
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        Did any of you guys have this problem?


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          In all of my reading, I have seen many a person just run maybe 16 gauge wire to the dash. I don't think you will have much problems.
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