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Opus powering a Morex supply?

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  • Opus powering a Morex supply?

    Well I have a simple question, I want to use my opus to power the morex power supply that came with my Cubid case. I am wondering if I can just run the 12v line of opus and connect it to the Morex supply. Or is there any other way to do this?

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    why do you want to use the morex and what for? do you have 2 car computers? one of an opus and the other of a morex?

    if you just have one, eliminate the morex entirely. remove it from the motherboard and drives and plug the wires from the opus in the respective sockets. an opus makes your old psu redundant in every way. you then need to have 12 volt wires and ignition etc wired to the opus to allow it to turn your pc on and off with your car.

    I may be way off track but I'm not sure if you know what your opus is for... or do you just want to use the morex to give 5 volts for some devices or sumthing? I'm stumped


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      Well i have only one car pc, and I do know what the opus is used for. My Pc is going under my seat tight on room down there. I wanted to free up space under the seat. I want to keep the morex inside the case, for being able to easily bring the unit inside and hook it up to an AC outlet. Otherwise if i keep the morex inside the case and mount the Opus just ouside I would have to cut into the case to run the MB connector as well as 5v line. I just thought it could be real easy if I could just run the 12v Opus line, add a barrel plug and just plug the computer in just as I would inside the house, only using the opus instead of the AC/DC converter. I just dont know if I would need to add any kind of resitence or any circuit since the input on the morex is 12v DC 4.5 amps. I also cant seem to find what kinda amperage the opus puts out on the 12v rail. I hope I have made it clear enough as to, what I am trying to do.


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        is the morex psu the 60w version? if so just get yourself a carnetix
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          No, it won't work. However, get the Carnetix CNX-P1260 from which is designed to work with the Morex PSU in your case.

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            Ahh, that sux I was hoping it would easy and yes its a morex 60w. I already have an opus and would hate to have to buy anoths PS. I guess i just got to cut into the case.


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              Sell the OPUS in the forums. You could get most of your moneyu back. And it would be more efficient to get the CarNetix.
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