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Strange Opus 90W problem

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  • Strange Opus 90W problem

    Posted this in the general discussion section a while back but I think I've narrowed it down to the Opus. When I shut off the truck the PC shuts down normally, come back to the truck 15 minutes later everything turns on (HDD spins up, CPU fan spins up) but no BIOS beep and no VGA on Lilliput. Now here's the strange part, if I leave the system off for an extended period of time (while at work or overnight) it'll boot up totally normal. What leads me to believe it's the Opus is that today out of sheer exasperation with the damned thing I pulled the fuse on the Opus for a minute, put it back in, turned the key and all was good. The only thing the Opus is powering is my Epia V8000 motherboard and the Hitachi Deskstar HDD so I think 90W should be more than enough power for the system. I've been through every BIOS setting, loaded fail safe defaults, checked all the Windows Power settings and I'm still at a loss for an explanation. Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be or what might be done to solve the problem?

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    Heat? It may be that the OPUS is on the way out and that even heat within normal operating limits is affecting output so that the PC will not fully boot.

    Does it happen if you use a standard power supply? Does it happen with the OPUS on another motherboard?

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      Haven't tried it with another motherboard yet, I never had the problem when I was using an inverter in my old truck so I imagine if I took a standard P/S out it would work fine. As far as heat goes, if I go out and turn it all on and shut it right back down again it'll do the same thing. No time for any heat to build up in the console by doing that, so I don't think heat is an issue. I'm going to go try a standard PSU now I guess to make sure that it's the Opus, if it is I guess I'll have to send it back since the install is only a little over a month old. Here's my theory on the whole thing please correct me if it's not possible. Seems to me that for some reason the Opus is still supplying some sort of power to the motherboard even though no jumpers are installed and it should be shutting down immediately. I'm not using standby but maybe it's still supplying standby power? Actually I was hoping it would end up being the Motherboard so I could replace the V8000 with an MII 12000.


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        Had the same problem, open up the case and unplug the ATX power supply from the motherboard and then plug it back in, should be fine after that. When i plug it in at home everything works perfect, i plug the Opus it does not boot up, i unplug the atx and plug it back in everything works perfect. Hope this will be your solution


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          Ok, works fine with a standard PSU so that rules out the motherboard. Disconnecting the ATX connector on the motherboard doesn't help unfortunately, neither does disconnecting the 3 pin power connector on the Opus. Pulling the fuse seems to be the only thing that makes it boot. Is there some setting that I've missed? I've been over and over the Opus manual 3 times soon to be 4. Opus works fine otherwise but I'd really like to fix this before it makes me insane.


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            OK in my 4th trip through the Opus manual I came across this:

            "7. Connect the 2-pin cable (polarized side) to J5- (Power-switch) of DC-DC power supply. Connect the other end to the motherboard 2 pin ITX power switch/soft power switch pins on the F_Panel header. Important: proper polarity is required to function accurately. The green wire side of the 2-pin connector must be connected to the +ve side and white wire side must be connected to the – ve side of pins. VIA, EPIA-M ITX motherboard: F-Panel header Pin 6 is +ve (green wire side) and pin 8 is –ve (white wire side). Refer to motherboard user guide. Intel D815EEA2 motherboard: Front panel header Pin 6 is +ve (green wire side) and pin 8 is –ve (white wire side)."

            My V8000 manual doesn't say which pin on the header is which. Does anyone know if: if they were reversed would this cause my problem? I went to Opus's web site to contact tech support on this issue to see what they recommend. If they don't get back to me today I may just try it and see what happens. My line of thinking is that even if I disconnect that connector from the Opus and short the wires I still have the same problem so it's probably not going to fix the problem. I appreciate all the help so far.


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              Update II

              Opus's response to my tech support request:

              If it boots up sometimes it means you placed the power-on connector in the
              correct direction.
              The Epia-V8000 motherboard has a compatibility issue with our power
              Some power supplies work and others don't, it's all based on a difference
              between the startup time of the 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails. Unfortunately Via
              does not wish to cooperate with us and try to resolve this issue, which
              could be done by a BIOS update.

              If you would send us the motherboard with the power supply we can make them
              work together for you, it will require some hardware changes in the power

              We apologize for the inconvenience.

              Rafal Krawczyk
              Opus Solutions Inc.
              26941 Cabot Rd. S#120
              Laguna Hills, CA 92653
              Tel: (949)305-4200 Ext.225
              [email protected]