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When I start the car the computer reboots

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  • When I start the car the computer reboots

    I dont know if this has been discussed before, when I have my computer running and stop the engine for a few minutes (to tank gas or something else) and I restart the car the voltage drops so much that the computer is switched of and reboots..... Can something be done about this? An extra small battery that takes care or the 12V for a second?
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    for tank circuit, or Opus.

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      I dont know if this has been discussed before
      Now I'm not a search nazi, but how could you have not seen this discussed before?
      Did you think everyone was installing computers inside army tanks or what?
      Is this flamebait?

      SEARCH nOOb!!!


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        yes, flame bait is appropriate term.

        Maybe there should be an "introduction to the search button" course?

        Maybe there should be a FAQ for FAQs.

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          Nah..... FLAME ON!
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            Oh lord, this could get ugly.
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