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  • Help- will this work?

    Ok so lets say im waiting for my sequencers and blah blah blah. but for now i want to try as basic as possible.

    i have my lilliput and my car computer. and they BOTh go with their 3 prong plugs into a little box (power block?).. and that box goes into the cigarette lighter.

    will that work? is that dangerous? dont mention stuff about crank and stuff. but lets say im driving and i have my computer and lilliput plugged into the power block and the block into the cig. lighter. can i live like that for a while?


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    Originally posted by paperisdeliciou
    can i live like that for a while?
    No... Let's say your car won't turn into a fireball, but most certanlly your fuses will blow. You pullling too many amps from the lighter, amps it doesn't hold.
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      NOOOOOO so SIMPLY and ever so SIMPLY how can i do it? not a matter of convenience (the sequencer) but who cares about convenience. what is a way that just WORKS?

      thanks a grip


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        Run a set of wires directly from the battery. Get a connector for the wire and a connector on your computer input. Put a fuse on the line.
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