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[ ITPS ] System shuts off when shutting down

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  • [ ITPS ] System shuts off when shutting down

    I have a system based on an EPIA800 mobo running with a slim cd-rom drive and a 3,5" hdd.

    When shutting off the engine, the ITPS gives the system about 45 secs to shutdown.. but halfway the shutdown progress (most of the time), the system shuts off !

    I think the system is too unstable running on the 12V battery. Could this be due to the 3,5" hdd? cause that's the only thing really needing 12V?
    (the ITPS cuts of about 0.7 Volts leaving 11.3v)

    Is there an other way to 'stabilize' the voltage while in shutdown? (other than a tank circuit/ 2nd battery)

    Is my problem solved when using a 2.5" laptop hdd cause they run on 5V ?
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    damn.. update :

    I just installed my new lilliput screen. It gets its power from the regulated 12V line behind the ITPS. Now i CAN'T BOOT anymore

    This is what happens:
    My POST screen shows neatly on the lilliput, the text-based progress bar too, but when the lilliput has to switch to VGA-mode, the system resets !

    Does this lilliput screen draws so much more power than a 5.6" PAL screen?
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