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Problems with Xantrex inverter...

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  • Problems with Xantrex inverter...

    Hi all!

    I'm having 2 problems with my Xantrex 400watt inverter.

    Here goes... I hope someone can help!

    1) My inverter doesnt surviv Crank... Even if nothing is plugged in it, when I crank the vehicle, th inverter alarm sounds for 1-2 seconds while the car starts. If the computer is plugged in, it looses power and is forced a hard bootdown... I have read others here saying the xantrex survives crank for them?! WTF???

    2) OK, I have my Xantrex inverter wired directly to the battery, and grounded to the body of the vehicle. I have my Xenarc plugged in the cigarette lighter. When the computer is turned on (powered by the inverter), there is some "interference" on the screen. Basically lines that scan from up to down on the screen, like when filming a computer crt monitor... I was told that the inverter could be causing interference on the 12v line of the Car, that was causing the itnerference on the screen. To test this out, I plugged the inverter with aligator clips, on ANOTHER car, so I had 2 separate 12v systems... There was NO INTERFERENCE. Then I powered the screen with the 110v PS it came with, fromt he inverter, together with the computer, again NO INTERFERENCE. Basically, I got to the conclusion that the inverter is causing noise on the system somehow... How can I filter it out? I dont want to have to use the xenarc 110v powersupply if the screen is 12v! (The above happens with the engine on OR off, it is not engine-induced noise, and henceforth is not to do with alternator or anything...)

    Thanks for all help! Although I think at this point the crank part is getting me more upset! (Oh, I had my battery checked and they said the battery was fine... i should also say that I forgot the computer on, and the inverter drained the battery! It sounded an alarm but DID NOT cut the current! It is a Range Rover 4.6 V8 engine, with 100Amp battery.)

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    With an inverter, results will vary when you try to crank it. Sometimes an inverter will survive a crank, sometimes it won't. I've got the same inverter and it doesn't survive a crank. It does once in awhile, but not often.
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      Mine never has.... it is straight to the battery, ALWAYS ON, and never survives a crank... I'd understand it wouldnt be able to survive 2 cranks in a small period of time, but this is just ridiculous....

      2005 Range Rover 4.4
      Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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        I went through 2 inverters before I found one that would survive crank and run without the engine running without sounding a low battery alarm. Mine is a APC
        S60 Install


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          I have Xantrex as well but it never survives a crank

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            It's probably not the most economical solution but has anyone with an inverter that does not survive crank tried a higher amperage battery? Maybe an Optima? Haven't got mine installed yet, so I have my fingers crossed if mine will survive crank or not.
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              Isn't this why you use a tank circuit, or am I way off?

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