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opus 12v rail???

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  • opus 12v rail???

    I just got my brand new opus installed and its not working. The LED on the opus tells me that the computer is booted up but the computer wont boot up. However, the led on the mother board does come on (no fans or any other components come on). I tested the power supply with a volt meter and the 5v rail is good, but the 12v rail has no power. I am guessing its a bad power supply, but what else could it be?

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    Just to let everyon know, I fixed the problem. I was on the phone with opus tech support and he had me take the cover and fan off to test some points on the board with a multi-meter. As soon as I took the cover off it powered up. Turns out that one of the parts that's soldered onto the board was touching the side of the case. I notched the case out and then called opus to let them know about it so that hopefully they wouldnt make the same mistake with more of the power supplies