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Has Anyone figured out how to connect this mini PC

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  • Has Anyone figured out how to connect this mini PC

    I want to connect this PC to my acura TL 2004. but how do I get the PC consistent 12V and which shutdown controller do I use. Is there any other PC this size that has a shutdown controller or an OPUS built in? I am limted to size because I want place the PC in the Glovebox and not in the trunk because I don't want to rip apart my new car while running wires.

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    Your options with that box are the same as every other person using a itx system which you would have seen if you did a search. You need to decide on one of the following solutions:

    1) small 100wattrms inverter and a Power Controller that also controls inverters such as can be found on ebay (search for carputer), or might be offered here on soon. It requires using the power adaptor that comes with the pc also.

    2) ITPS. It may work. It does regulate 12v (up to 60watts) and has a basic shutdown controller. I have found many people saying they don't like it in these forums though.

    3) OPUS.

    4) There are some other devices out there as well which I'm not going to look for right now. You may be able to find a 12v 5amp dc regulator and use it along with the power controller in option 1. It is possible to build one, but it's not an exceptionally easy task, as the proper way to do it is to boost the 12v up to say 24volts, then regulate it back down (because regulating causes a voltage drop which may be too high to properly run a pc with the car not running).

    5) Other users feel free to make suggestions.

    The smallest will be the ITPS. The next is the 100watt inverter w/ power controller. And finally rolls in the OPUS. I personally would go the inverter/power controller route, as you may (as I have) find many other uses for the inverter.

    I don't believe you will find a pc that small with a built-in power controller. In addition to the glovebox, you may find additional space behind center of the dash, or below in that same area. That may give you plenty of space to hide several small components such as an inverter.

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      could also use carnetix, i have ITPS will be switching to that soon.