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EZ-watcher.. buddy power quest

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  • EZ-watcher.. buddy power quest

    I bought into this lil' micro-atx because it was the only one of it's size that excepted amd and had some cool features, including a remote power unit that can be placed under the "desk" or in trunk for my purpose. Anyway, the power unit is connected to an inverter right now and has the normal 60 hrz whatever in and has 12 volts/ 16 amps output. There also happens to be a diagram of the "s video cable" that connects the power to the computer. My question is, would it be possible to feed the pc with a direct line from the car, assuming I use a filter or regulator of some sort. It would really help to eliminate a couple of fans/heat sorces.. gets hot quick in my truck. Thanks
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    You would need a regulated 12v 16amp power supply. If you hook it up directly to the +12 from the car, you will likely damage the PC. Therefore, what you ask is not the easiest thing to accomplish for several reasons. Many people here are trying to do similar things.

    Needing that much current, you most likely either use the inverter like you are doing, or try to build something yourself... but building it isn't easy, and isn't for an electronics novice.

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