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opus 150w users - post your setup

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  • opus 150w users - post your setup

    if you have a opus 150 watt, and you have a good working car pc that doesnt randomly reboot, crash, shut down, restart at crank, please post your set-up in detail if you would please. including hard drive type (2.5/3.5) and any optical drives, pci, or usb devices.

    and the climate you live in would be nice too.

    thank you

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    opus 150 wired straight to battery red and black, white wire to radio fuse.
    connected to the opus is
    epia M10000 with 512 meg memory.
    maxtor 3.5 inch 120gig 7200rpm IDE hard drive.
    Lite On DVDR+-RW DL IDE drive 16x (dl = dual layer 8.5gig discs)
    VGA to RCA video converter (for the rear screens)
    Hauppauge WinTV/FM USB tuner.
    Delorme USB GPS
    gyration usb wireless keyboard
    netgear pci 802.11b wireless card
    xenarc 700tsv
    PW-70 watt PS which is connected to the opus to run these:
    generic 5 port network hub
    4 port usb hub
    2 usb logitech web cams
    1/2 watt wireless network amp

    the opus runs all this except for the xenarc which is plugged into the cig lighter.
    yes the opus runs the pw-70 70watt ps
    runs all this without problems.
    also turns on/off 200w audio amp
    The MC of Florida Car PC Meets
    CAR:2001 Ford Crown Victoria
    PC: Acer EEE 900HA with Win7 with CF 2.0.
    Screen:Xenarc 700TSV
    The Florida Meets Thread