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  • Help with Desiel Powered Power Supply

    Hey guys,

    This has nothing to do with DC PSUs or even anything I would ever use in my car. I have a Fudin (Raidmax) 420Watt ATX power supply. THe problem is that recently in started to make these horrible noises that make it sound like it is desiel powered. The noise goes away once the computer goes into the logon screen for WinXP, which takes about 20 seconds. I wouldn't usually mind, but whenever I have to turn my computer on at night, I always end up waking someone up . This is what I've done so far to assess the problem. I thought that maybe the PSU was loose inside of the case, so I took it completely out of the case and putt it on my bed. It's still made the noise. So, I concluded that it was probably one of the fans that either has somethihng loose or one of the bearings is used up or something. I wan't to open it up, but I am sort of scared to do so. The waranty is already expired, and I just don't wanna "F" it up more than it is. Now don't take this the wrong way. I have no prob. taking apart and fiddling with computers (I'm A+ cert and have been doing this stuff since I was 14 y/0, I'm almost 21). What am I suppsed to touch in there, is there anything I can short out by touching? Any other ideas what could be making that horrible sound?

    Ok, long post over, gonna have to sue this keyboard manufacturer for my carpel tunnel syndrome


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    First off

    Remember its a power supply and it has high voltages still inside the unit.

    Second if it's making that noise take the top cover off then check the fan

    Stop the fan and turn the psu on if the sound doesn't happen then u know it's the fan.

    If it's not the fan? get a new PSU
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      get a better branded psu like an antec or pc power and cooling