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Please HELP!! PSU/ Shutdown controller questions

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  • Please HELP!! PSU/ Shutdown controller questions

    I have a Xenarc MP-SC1 PC and a Xenarx 700 TSV screen and am having a tough time finding the appropriate Shutdown controller or Power suppply solution for this setup. Here are my issues:

    1. Xenarc PC has a DC power input (Barrel plug type) and not ATX connector on the board. The solder points are there but no connector.
    2. PC has no ACPI header on the board (already confirmed with Xenarc Engineering)

    My theory is, I can probably pull the 12V off the OPUS ATX Connector to get the power to the board but Nat from MP3Car store said that "the OPUS is a smart power supply so it likes to ďsenseĒ how much power the motherboard is drawing so it can determine itís state. Iím not sure how it would perform under your conditions."

    Being the PC has no ACPI header can I connect the OPUS/Shutdown Controller directly to the switch on the motherboard?

    What is my best solution for my issues? Do I go with an OPUS or just a shutdown controller? If just a shutdown controller is needed what i sthe best for my solution (Carnetix, Micro shutdown controller from MP3car store, other...)

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    Does the 12 volts need to be regulated? To the display?

    Can you provide pictures or links?

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      All I could find using the is "It probably does need to be regulated."

      Here is the link to the PC Specs

      Monitor does not need to be regulated as per this thread:

      Here is the link to the screen:


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        Originally posted by zootjeff
        Does the 12 volts need to be regulated? To the display?

        Can you provide pictures or links?


        If the computer takes in 12 volts right from the battery and the LCD takes in 12 volts right from the battery, the uSDC20D is perfect for you. All you would need is that. From reading their marketing stuff, they are being ambiguous.

        Now I can't find the specs on the PC saying if it takes in 8-15v or 12+- 5% or what the range is on the input of the PC. If you can make sure about that, then all you would have to do is wire the uSDC up to your display and computer.

        MPEGBOX - Plexiglass Computer


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          Thanks Jeff, I'll check on the specs for the PC when I get home.


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            This is the response I just got from Xenarc engineering.

            The MP-SC1 does require regulated 12V. We do sell a car adaptor for that unit.
            The 700TSV doesnít need 12V regulated supplies. It takes 10V DC ~ 24V DC

            So I would be able to use the uSDC20D if I purchased the PC car adapter from Xenarc, Correct?

            If not, what else would you recommend? Would Carnetix work?


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              I believe the Xenarc PCs use a Sumicom motherboard, which has an integrated, on-board DC-DC PSU. It DOES require a REGULATED +12V supply. The CarNetix P1260 would be a perfect fit for this application.

              However, from what I understand, the Sumicom mobo does not have a seperate ACPI header or input. I beleive one of my customers has soldered 2 wires across the "power" switch and attached them to a small relay, which is fed by the ACPI control signal out of the P1260. Check our forum. I think there are some details of the wiring there.

              FYI....the store will begin carrying the CarNetix P1260 very soon...

              Good luck!


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                Thanks, I also saw your response on Carnetix Forum.



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                  Finally got my Xenarc MP-SC1 running using the Canetix P1260. Works great.... Now it's time to start car install.