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OPUS Vs. Carnetix

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  • OPUS Vs. Carnetix

    So now the big question, I just purchased a M10000 Board, now what P.S will be enough? What is best for idiot proof install? Also what is the differences if any between an OPUS 90W and a Carnetix setup? Is it only the price? Please educate me!

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    Its because right now its still the best solution....It will power your M1000 with no problems....


    - 90 Watt output
    - Built in auto shutdown
    - Delayed shutdown timer
    - Wide input voltage range
    - On/Off power switch input
    - High Efficiency DC-DC Power Supply (extended battery life)
    - Remote trigger output

    What do you want more ??
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      I guess I don't want to spend DOUBLE the price of the Carnetix if it does the same thing as the opus, just trying to verify this..


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        Opus is a full ATX power supply with build in SDC. Carnetix is a power regulator with build in SDC.
        Carnetix can't be use alone. You have to use it with those PW_xxxx PSU or some case that come with the PW type PSU (regulated 12V input).
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          Well...I just can't a carnetix with a 60W morex P/S better then OPUS 90W? It terms of reliability and price? Also, if I purchase the OPUS 90W, what cases would fit it prefect, because from what I understand I DONT need another p/s when using the opus 90W.


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            <----------Will this case, be able to fit an opus 90W? Also, would a carnetix be compatible with it? Or do I have to replace with power supply in the case.


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              I would say it's up to you:

              If you have a big case, you can put in the Opus, then chose the Opus.

              If you have a smal case, like the travla 134 or the morex 3688, both allready have their PSU, and the opus won't fit, then use the carnetix.

              My system will have the morex 3688 case, and i will put the carnetix in the car, whats also very good, as the system can be used outside the car, with the suplly that morex includes to the 3688-packeg.


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                I fit an Opus 150 in a Morex 2699 along with a 3.5" hard drive. I had to take the case off the Opus, though.


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                  Here are a couple of tips to help with the choosing:

                  1) If you HAVE a case, or are going to BUY a case that comes with a DC-DC PSU already installed (like the Travla C134 or the Morex 26XX/36XX cases do) it would be cheaper to buy the CarNetix regulator. Your alternative would be to throw away the PSU that came with the case and replace it with an Opus.

                  2) If you plan to add lots of power-hungry peripheral devices, or power hungry 3.5" HDD(s) to your system, consult the "power simulators" on various websites. If your simulation comes out greater than 60 watts, go with the Opus.

                  3) In general, the CarNetix can handle:
                  EPIA M10000 mobo
                  512k Ram
                  2.5" Laptop HDD
                  Slim CD/DVD ROM drive
                  GPS mouse
                  USB hub
                  USB mouse
                  USB Keyboard
                  WiFi client
                  XMPCR receiver
                  RadioXtreme FM radio
                  Lilliput 7" screen

                  You can see the current/power measurements for these devices HERE

                  Again, the CNX-P1260 was designed to allow you to buy a case with internal PSU and KEEP IT...not throw it away. The P1260 will handle most low to mid range systems. It has several other features to help make life easier, like "pulse start" if you want to turn your system on/off with a wireless device (car alarm, wifi), and delayed "remote" control to help prevent speaker "thump" when you audio amp is powered.

                  In your case, the case you are looking at on ebay has an AC PSU (90W) already inside. Your choices are: 1) keep it and use an inverter, 2) get rid of it and buy a CarNetix AND a Morex 60Watt DC-DC PSU ($35) (again, if your system can run on 60 watts), OR 3) buy an OPUS. Your real choice is what components will you add how much power will your particular system demand..

                  I hope this helps with your decision.


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                    But is the Carnetix (in conjuction with a P.S) the same exact thing as an OPUS set up? What is different? Yeah, I do want to use the computer not just in the car (easy to update stuff if I bring it in the house) so I am leading towards Carnetix, just hope its not a pain in the arse to set up..


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                      just hope its not a pain in the arse to set up..
                      We'll hold your hand....


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                        By the way,
                        Thank you all SO SO much for the help and time. I think I am going to go with a MOREX case with 60W DC power supply. Then I will purchase the Carnetix. Is there anything else that I will need? Howbout an ITPS? I don't need that correct?
                        I am going to have in my system:

                        VIA M10000
                        256MB Ram
                        2.5 inch Notebook HD (40gb)
                        NO CDROM WHILE IN CAR
                        USB GPS
                        USB Keyboard
                        USB Mouse
                        USB Touch Screen
                        USB Cellphone hookup

                        Almost positive that 60W is going to be enough..


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                          Howbout an ITPS? I don't need that correct?
                          That is correct. The P1260 has a startup/shutdown controller AND it survives cranking. It IS what the IPTS was supposed to be...

                          Your system looks fine.

                          You can get your P1260 from the store...


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                            With the Carnetix and morex I will be able to move the Carpc into my house to do work on it more easily then the opus, is this correct? Also, the Carnetix is also a shutdown controller as well, and it seems like I can specify delays, as well as USB power options.
                            Thanks again


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                              I will be able to move the Carpc into my house to do work on it more easily then the opus, is this correct?
                              Yes. The Morex and Travla cases come with an AC adapter that you can use when you bring your CarPC into the house. If you had the Opus permanently installed in the case you would need to buy some sort of AC/DC power supply to power the system when you brought it inside, or replace the Opus with an AC powered ATX PSU for indoor operation.
                              and it seems like I can specify delays
                              You can re-program the microprocessor to have different delays than come in the standard firmware. There is also a jumper selectable shutdown delay time, and a jumper selectable "boot delay" time. Plenty of flexibility.