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Need help... Total Noob... Apologies around...

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  • Need help... Total Noob... Apologies around...

    First of all, I know I'm probably going to get flamed for being such an idiot. I've done a bunch of searches, but I think my question is too simple for the stuff you guys talk about, maybe it can be a sticky or an FAQ or something.

    My system is [going to be] pretty basic. Dismantling my old Dell P3 550mhz, only keeping the hard drive, the motherboard, the soundcard, getting a new video card, getting a wireless card, and a USB touchpad mouse. I'm going to run the a/v through a Kenwood DDX-7015, so I dont need a screen or an amp. My power supply is a POS, so I'm thinking that an OPUS is the way to go. 150W should do me, right?

    So here's the real question. How do you install the power supply? I did a search here, and over at opus' page. They have the general wiring diagrams, but I'm thinking I need step-by-step dummy-proof instructions. Or is it much easier than I think it will be? I'm not a total retard, but I dont have experience with cars. Am I going to kill myself, or my car? Splicing important car wires intimidates me, and if I'm not mistaken, it needs to be connected to the ignition, right?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !
    In case you need to know, I have an '05 Subaru WRX STi.
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    I did a 90-watt, not a 150, but I'm pretty sure the wiring is the same. With mine, it came with a harness that plugged into the power supply and had 3 dangling wires coming off of it.

    Red - Car battery, 8gauge I think.
    Black - Ground. Some people swear by grounding to the frame, other to the battery. I did mine all the way to the battery. Again, I think it was 8gauge.
    Yellow - Accessory. You basically need to find another accessory wire in your car (they're all over the place), and splice into it. It doesn't carry a heavy load really, it just has a signal thats on or off indicating whether or not the car is in the ACC position. There are ACC wires running into just about all the electronics in your dash that turn on/off when you turn the key to ACC. Find some wiring diagrams for your car or your stereo and you should be able to find the ACC wire.

    Hope that at least gets you started

    - O
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      I just read through your link on the bottom of your post. It seems like you have a TON of stuff running through your 90W Opus... I'm surprised it can handle all that. Does Opus have a way of helping figure out which one you would need?

      I'm planning on mounting the computer in the trunk. What are the odds of getting an ACC wire back there? Well, it seems I'm going to have to run all three Opus wires to the trunk, so it shouldn't be hard to find an ACC on the way. Hmm, well would it make sense / be feasible to leave the opus up front in the dash where the wires are all situated, and run the computer power to the trunk? Probably not, right?

      Am I making this unneccessarily difficult by putting the computer in the trunk? Should I start looking around for other nooks in the passenger compartment? The trunk would be ideal because I am planning on rigging up a whole plexiglass container for it, complete with neons or LEDs or the like.

      Any additional thoughts? Anyone?
      A car without turbo is a car with perpetual lag.

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