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Powering a cdrom via "monitor" psu output?

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  • Powering a cdrom via "monitor" psu output?

    Hi all-
    I just recently got a carnetix dc-dc psu/startup/shutdown controller (the one that works with the 60 watt morex psu and it featured at the top of this forum) and got to thinking. I will be powering my lilliput on the system but I have already done the egg converstion to molex connector and have been running it in the system for a while now. I see that the carnetix has an output for an lcd, but would it be posisble to power a full sized cd rom off that line instead? I understand that the cdrom will be running regardless if the system is on or off, but as long as its powered up before the pc it'll be fine. Any ideas? Is it worth a try? thanks in advance!