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Using power inverter for carputer - question

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  • Using power inverter for carputer - question

    Im gonna be using an inverter that is hooked directly to my battery to power my carputer. my question is, how do i wire my carputer so that it will turn on when i turn the ignition key half way and possibly stay on for the crank?thanx.

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    The eternal question....

    Well what you can do is conect the inverter directly up to the battery and put a switch in the front to turn the pc on and off.
    This switch would be connected to the on/off button on your motherboard and you would need an always open switch i think for it to work (someone correct me if im wrong).

    As for it coming on with the ignition, i am myself in a similar pickle and have asked a similar question and hopefuly if someone does answer my post, you too may get the answer you need.

    My idea was to put a shutdown controller between the car battery and the inverter, something like an ITPS but i am unsure of it being safe when used with an inverter.
    It seems ok to me because all the power that will be travelling through the ITPS to the inverter will be around 12-14v so nothing different there what the ITPS unit will use but until i get a response from my post then it wont be happening anytime soon as i need to be sure.

    Good luck!!
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