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anyone found any problems with there car using carputer

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  • anyone found any problems with there car using carputer

    i've got a honda civic 04, and since i've put the computer in the car, i've found that the power steering/engine starting/brakes/fuel guage/ temp senor/ etc have all had problems.

    anyone else had these problems?

    computer specs:
    opus 150wat
    shuttle with xp2000
    256mb ram
    80gb hdd

    and no other mods what so ever.

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    Let me guess...the dealer told you that the carputer caused it

    I seriously dont see how it could affect anything besides the electrical system. And then, only if you cut and spliced wires, or pulled power from the wrong points.
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      yea how did you guess?
      my car engine ****ed up on a dualcarriage way, then the AA people broken my wheel axle, now honda are saying that the computer is casuing problems with the car.
      The only wire which is in anyway connected to the car is the acc line for the opus.

      any advice on how to go about this. the car is completely ****ed and when the brakes dont work, its really bad.


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        Tell them to prove that the computer is causing the problems.

        And if they can't, tell them to fix the damn thing under warrantee


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          oh, and I haven't had a single problem with anything since I installed the carputer, other than the radio antenna, but that's a stupid mistake I did.


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            thanks for the advice - ******* honda, first and last time i buy a car from them.
            isnt it funny how others on here with civic dont have any problems with there carputers, and some even have sound systems they there car's are fine?!


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              That's some serious scammage from the dealership. There's no way a carputer can cause a problem with your steering. Or anything else not power related, for that matter.
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                Go to another dealership
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                  Yea, when I worked at the dealership, every once in a while on a repair order it would be flagged. Being flagged meant that the customer had contacted Ford driectly and voiced thier complaint, and we were to take EXTRA special care of them. Maybe contacting the bigwigs at Honda will get you some action. I wouldnt bother going back to that dealer though, find another one close and talk to the service manager first, explain the deal, and go from there. Most of the time if you are up front and honest, the dealers will take care of you.
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                    That sucks, first thing first, look at your power steering pump and tell me how many wires are connected to it. No way in hell , could your setup mess with that. Second hooking up you setup to the acc could be considered the same as installing an aftermarket radio, less all the other wires, would they blame these problems on an aftermarket radio? Sounds like your having problems have convenently happened around the time you did the setup. It happens. Unless you spliced into the ECU or dash wires or god himself came down and messed with your stuff, then these guys are trying to screw you. Not typical but there are some shifty service managers. like most have said, go see another dealer. You could take out your unit just to make them look deeper, instead of using the pc as a front. Call corparate offices for honda USA. Get real ****ed and take this situation by the horns. Do not take any anwser besides yes.


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                      Unless you are supplying the main +12v from your ACC, I can't see how this could cause a problem.

                      If your car is still under factory warranty (not extended or aftermarket), then just pull the computer out and go to another dealer. Your factory warranty should not be limited to just one dealership. At least that's how it is with GM. If if they have a record from the other dealership about your computer, just tell them that they were claiming that your laptop was causing the problem. They won't know the difference.
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                        They dont even need to know that it is a carputer. I would basically say it is an enhancement/addon to the audio system. It in no way interferes, disables, and changes any factory functions other than adding features to the audio/video of the vehicle.

                        My car has all sort of modifications including suspension, engine, audio, video, etc and I just brought it in to the dealer about a week ago to have them fix some stuff that was messed up on it. Mine is an 03 Accord.

                        Honda will definitely fix the problems, unless there is more involved then what you are telling us.