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  • Just bought MII10000

    Ok, so I just won an auction for an MII10000 with case, PSU, disk drive( first to go) and 512MB. I got it for 228, a bargain if you ask me(and it's only 30 minutes from my door). What do you think?

    The PSU is AC-DC, but it'll come in handy when testing indoors.

    I think the case is this one: DESKTOP SILVER ALUMINUM FRONT
    5006. Could someone identify it(see pictures)?

    I'll probably try and jam a HD 80gigs, a DVD/CDRW(maybe slimline around the front of the car) and a PSU in there. And as said throw disk drive out. Now for the PSU, I'm still pondering of course. I have some ideas: Now why is it in this topic: I'm sure someone got the exact some set up, I would like to know his/her thoughts or just general thoughts will do as well.

    Hehe, I'm really pleased the first item is bought, I'm only thinking of the carpc thing for 3 weeks. I plan to buy the screen and psu next week and start the build. I think I can do killer deal there as well .
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    Install: 90% complete

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    the case in the case1.jpeg is this one:

    : Jetway J7F2 1.5Ghz Mainboard : Cubid 3688 : CarNetix CNX-P1260 :
    : Netgear 802.11g PCMCIA : 2 x LinITX 7" Screens :
    : BU353 USB GPS Mouse : Panasonic UJ845 DVDRW :


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      Make sure you get yourself some earplugs too. The Serenity is a noisy box.